The Adventures of the Castellan


Dr. Wopwop, the Chief Petty Officer and Ehzenir supervise the loading of the ship.

Vanessa, Edmund and Ehnenihld meet up with Baron and Baronness Drussus of Esesmari at the Nightstar Hotel. Their 3 children have disappeared 9 days ago. Their children are: Jessika (13 year old girl), Mike (12 year old boy) and Katherine (10 year old girl). The Baron and Baronness woke up and their kids were gone. There were no sign of forced entry. They alerted the authorities which kept an eye out for them but there were no reports. The consulted with hotel security which claimed they didn’tsee any of the kids on the security footage. The Baron offered 100,000 cr per child brought back and 50,000 cr per child for information on their killers if his kids are found dead. The group accepted the job.

They investigated the area. The Drussus family arrived to Arinmaxe 2 weeks ago as a vacation. They are meeting friends to celebrate the Emperor’s Birthday. Jessika didn’t want to go but her parents insisted on being a family vacation. They found that there were suitcases and clothes missing. Vanessa noted the remaining clothes were out of style even though the current holopic of the children was in the latest fashion. Ehnenihld noted the outside window was cut through from the outside and then welded shut. They got hold of the security footage and sent it to Ehzenir to analyze.

They went to the office building across from the window. They got the accounting firm which faced the window of the kids’ room. Ehnenihld overlooked the footage.

The analysis revealed:
-Jessika met with a 15 year old boy outside the Nightstar Hotel. They talked and kissed and then she sneaked back into the hotel room. From 23h44-00h06.
-At 02h57, a grav car arrived outside the kids’ room window. Someone cut open the window. The kids with suitcases entered the vehicle. Someone sealed the window. They got the number of the grav car.

The grav car was a rental. It was booked online by Baron Drussus. According to the rental company, an agent picked up the rental, drove it to 10th floor of the Nightstar Hotel and then dropped it off at a night location. The security footage showed the kids leaving towards an alley with the 15 year old kid. Edmund saw briefly afterwards that a grav truck departed the alley with the insignia of Jovian Sunburst. Research on the Jovian Sunburst found that it is a trader vessel that departed Arinmaxe for Onon 8 days ago.

Arinmaxe / Flaprax (0707) A898111-C

Marquise Vanessa Adair, Dr. Wopwop, Ehnenihld, Col. Edmund Callidus, Ehzenir Awallos and Chief Petty Officer purchase The Castellan, a known Far Trader vessel.

They find 40 tons of freight durected towards Onon / Flaprax (0805) C554156-A.
Additionally, they purchase 9 tons of spices to fill out the hold.

Ehnenihld seeks out for any jobs at the starport. There are public ads at the Starport that the Arinmaxe corporation (which owns the world) offers discounts on their products for anyone who participates in their recruitment drive. Their ads states “Only 15 minutes of your time will save you money for a long while! Help support Arinmaxe’s future! Visit our recruitment drive facilities.” There are ads for Count Jukis’s Musueum of Marvellous Wonders which promises to pay credits for any interesting devices and artifacts. Baron Drussus is looking for investigators who can find people.

Ehnenihld sets up a meeting to on 002-1105 at the Nightstar Hotel.

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